Health and Safety Consultancy

Employer’s total responsibility to protect the health and safety of the employee is a vital factor in a competitive market. QHSE Smart provides wide ranging services correlated to health and safety management, in order to help all its clients to manage and safe guard their employees Personal Safety, Property Damages and Harmful unforeseen calamities and incidents.

Risk Assessment

QHSE Smart approach to safety is multidisciplinary, reflecting the many facets of this complex issue. Our staff comprises experts in numerous areas including mechanical materials and chemical engineering.

Safety Audit

As an internationally active enterprise with subsidiaries in different countries you face the challenge to deal with a number of different legislations. You have a supply chain integrating also your suppliers. You want to minimize the risk of failure of your internal and external supply chain and reduce the risk of reputational issues.

Emergency & Crisis Management

Most companies believe they are adequately prepared for unforeseen adverse events. The truth is that many are not. If you do not have carefully designed and rehearsed procedures and structures in place, your company is at risk of sustaining operational disruption and even business failure.

HSE Third Party Survey & Inspection

We have developed an Inspection Pack to help inspectors assess whether organisations are taking appropriate action to manage work related stress effectively. It also explains HSE’s policy on investigating complaints about work related stress

Hazard & Operability Analysis

The HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) method is a widely used technique for identifying the hazards on process facilities. Even those who are not familiar with the hazards analysis process will often have heard of the term HAZOP, even if they are not really sure what it means.

Legal Compliance Monitoring

QHSE Smart is a company specializing in assisting its clients in managing their legal exposures in the areas of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. Health and safety is an all-embracing multi-disciplinary topic and requires knowledge of a wide range of subjects: law and compliance, risk/safety management, occupational health and hygiene, ergonomics and human factors.

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